Is eating healty food important?

Many People do not find food so important, healthy food even more. Only in every second household food is prepared by hand, Ready-made foods are on the rise. This has consequences.

It has become a side issue for many People. Only for every second diet has a high priority, as a Forsa survey commissioned by the technicians health insurance shows. Thus 45 per cent of women and 55 per cent of men said that food has little or no importance in their daily lives. “There is no longer any real awareness for food,” said Jens Baas, the Chairman of the Board of the Health Insurance Fund.

About one third of respondents run the TV or computer while eating. Especially younger people often eat with the fork in one and the smartphone in the other hand, complaining the authors of the study. For four out of ten young adults, the food is an incidental aspect: with about half of the singles and 40 per cent of the 18 to 25 year olds, eating is only secondary employment during media consumption.

Daily cooked is only in every second household. In every third family three or five times a week a meal is prepared. On the rest, the stove usually stays cold. Instead, more and more fast-food pastries are coming to the table. On average, four out of every ten people use soup or frozen food at least once or twice a week.

Main thing, is its tastes

Most people eat, according to a further study result, according to the motto: main thing, is its tastes. 45 per cent of the interviewees, it is most important that a food is delicious. Significantly less, namely 35 percent, place emphasis on healthy food. About half therefore calls for missing time and rest as the most important hurdle for a healthier diet. Also, lack of perseverance (43 percent) and will (40 percent) change habits.

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However, it is hard for many people to agree on a healthy diet with their work. “One third of all professionals complain that a healthy diet is simply not possible at work,” said Forsa CEO Manfred Güllner. The main problems are limited selection and time pressure.

Canteens make healthy eating difficult

About half of the respondents stressed that they would always have enough time to eat in peace. However, 39 per cent of respondents find it difficult to choose food in a cafeteria or workplace. Four out of ten professionals also say that they do not eat a lot at work, but then they are even more abundant at home with sites like offering a wide range of dietary supplements.